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Odyssea : an ode to the wisdom of ancient greece

The Ancient Greeks were among the earliest people to be well aware of the medicinal properties of nature and the plants they used for nourishment. As long ago as the days of Alexander the Great, wounds were healed with the juice extracted from the leaves of the aloe vera plant with its unparalleled natural hydrating properties.

Offer your skin the hydrating wisdom of Odyssea, a joyous ode to the healing benefits of Aloe Vera and the powerful majesty of Pro Vitamin B5. The nurturing range of Odyssea products are your natural allies in healthy anti-aging skincare; Odyssea eases irritation and redness while hydrating and nourishing your skin with a pleasant aroma of summery mint (which helpfully even repels mosquitoes).

Odyssea is available or your enjoyment in these formats: Odyssea bath foam (400ml), Odyssea shower gel (250 ml), Odyssea body milk (250ml), Odyssea exfoliating soap-on-a-rope (200g), Odyssea bath salts (500g) Odyssea scented candle (175g).

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